Unique, Custom Made Rockabilly and PinUp Fashion

Made by designer Stacy A. Bratten

About Stacy Powers PinUP

The designer that brought you unique, custom pinup and rockabilly fashion.

Stacy Powers PinUp strives to place an emphasis on body positive images.   No matter what size you are, we all struggle with body image, male and female, and we want to promote the beauty in any individual no matter what the size.  You can be beautiful if you're a twig or if you are plus size.  When someone feels confident and embraces who they are, through any stage in life, they are beautiful.  We want to provide a pinup line that any male or female feels amazing in.  We want to make sure you get the right size.  If you do not feel you classify a specific category of size and want your purchase to be custom made to your measurements, we provide that service.  Everyones body is different and general sizes do not apply to every individual.  We try to create a style that allows anyone to feel confident and gorgeous or handsome.  Designer, Stacy Bratten, has never struggled with drastic weight changes but has struggled with perceptions, expectations, and weight flow.  The PinUp/Rockabilly fashion has always been her go to for any special event, holiday, or night out because the structure of the clothes are appealing to any body type.  She feels that this style embraces all sizes with open arms no matter what society may say you typically are categorized.  Stacy Powers PinUp wants to promote  body positive images and promote feeling beautiful inside and out no matter who you are!Stacy Powers PinUp was created to cater to the pinup and rockabilly fashion world that wants to be bold and different.  Who wants to be boring with just solid colors when you can be bold and beautiful?  Stacy Bratten created this line by pure accident.  As a pinup/rockabilly fashion advocate herself, she got sick of the ordinary or repeat fabric she kept seeing over and over again. In May 2018, when traveling to Austin for a wedding she just could not find a dress that pleased her and decided, hey, I know how to sew, why not make one?  The colorful comic dress was then born and is the original Stacy Powers PinUp dress.  At her friends wedding, the dress was a hit.  People wanted to know where she got it and friends told her she should just sell it.  So here we are.  The name "Powers" is an ode to her mother, Lynda Powers, because her mother was the one that taught her how to sew.  So browse the beautiful accident so you can be bold and beautiful at your next event, or on the day to day.

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